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Tennis & Golfers Elbow

Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow is a medical condition which is scientifically known as medial epicondylitis. It is a pain related issue where the tendons of the muscles of your forearm connected with the elbow on the inner side either get inflamed or have muscular pain. To recover your elbow you need proper Tennis Elbow Physiotherapy in Gurgaon from PAL Physiotherapy having talented physiotherapist who take care of your injury and give best physiotherapy services. This pain can spread to the whole of the forearm including your wrist as well. It has been observed that this pain is not only limited to the people who play golf or tennis but this can be experienced by any person who uses his or her wrist or elbow continuously or if they are habituated with figure clenching. But the condition is treatable with proper medical care and physiotherapy.

Causes of Tennis/ Golfer's Elbow

The primary reason behind having a golfer’s elbow issue is the damage of the muscles which controls the movements of the fingers and the wrist. The tendons of the muscles are damaged due to repetitive movement and stress on the same points or if you put force and pressure on them.

This problem can occur when you lift or throw something with your hand improperly, or hit a surface which pressurizes your forearm, elbow and the wrist damaging the tendons of the muscles. Another reason can be little or no warm-up before using the machines in the gym or playing any sport.

This problem is common with people playing golf as they have to repetitively swing the clubs and if done incorrectly, it can hurt the tendons. Similarly, people playing tennis or badminton, can injure the elbow and the wrist using a wrong racket or by top-spinning way too much.

 In sports like football, javelin, baseball etc, if you don’t know the exact technique of throwing, you can get golfer’s elbow within a day of practice. If you twist your arms or lift the weight without knowing how to do so, you can hurt your muscles and thus have a tennis elbow problem.

Symptoms of Tennis/ Golfer's Elbow

The signs which predict you might have a golfer’s elbow problem are –

  • You experience tenderness in your elbow’s inner side and the pain moves towards the wrist through the forearm. If you move your hand in a certain way, the pain increases.
  • You might also feel stiffness in your elbow.
  • It might hurt your elbow and forearm when you make a fist.
  • Feeling of weakness in wrist and hands.
  • Usually, the little fingers or the ring ringers tingle when the pain or the numbness moves towards forearm and wrist.

Risks factors in Tennis/ Golfer's Elbow

Golfer’s elbow is not that much of a complicated health problem if you are not above the age of forty years or you smoke a lot of cigarettes. It can be an issue if you are obese or doing the same activity for a few hours a day involving your hand movement which continues to hurt the muscles. The problem can complicate if you leave it without any treatment. Take effective Golfer's Elbow treatment in Gurgaon. It can transform and worsen to chronic pain in the elbow and forearm which might leave you with the limited ability of your hand.

Diagnosis of Tennis/ Golfer's Elbow

The doctor might diagnose the problem with a physical examination to find out the reason/ cause of the stiffness and the tenderness. You might be asked to move your wrist, hand, forearm in a certain direction and way for the doctor to see when the pain worsens or which part is affected more etc.

X-rays are suggested in most of the cases to find out the particular reason behind the pain and stiffness and if anything is found, then for further examination the doctor might ask for an MRI report.

Treatment of Tennis/ Golfer's Elbow

Physiotherapy is the effective and best treatment for Tennis and Golfer's Elbow in Gurgaon. The treatments available for tennis/Golfer’s elbow are –

  • Rest and Ice Packs: The first and immediate way to cure this problem is to take rest for enough time so that the stiffed muscles can relax. Use ice packs to provide relief to the pain-stricken elbow and forearm or the wrist.
  • Physiotherapy Treatment: One of the most effective ways to cure the Tennis elbow/ golfer’s elbow problem is through physiotherapy. In Inflammatory stage physiotherapist usually uses Ultrasound therapy, IFT, High Intensity Class 4 Laser therapy, DTFM (Deep transverse friction massage). Dry Needling and Stretching exercises is also very helpful.It can include the occupational therapy as well as physical therapy to strengthen the muscles which are hurt. It will help the tendons of the muscles to relax, elongate to provide relief to the irritation of the elbow.
  • Over-the-counter medicines: If you have chronic sudden pain, your doctor might prescribe OTC medicine to get temporary relief. But for long-term benefit, you need to exercise and strengthen the muscles through therapies.

How to prevent Tennis/ Golfer's Elbow?

The best way to prevent a golfer’s elbow problem is to warm up properly before you start practicing any kind of sports or going to the gym. Besides sports, in regular life, try to avoid repetitive movement of the wrist and don’t lift anything all of a sudden.

A simple exercise like squeezing a regular tennis ball or lifting light equipment can strengthen the muscles which can prevent golfer’s elbow.

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