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Sciatica Pain Treatment in Gurgaon


Sciatica is a medical condition where pain spreads along the path of a sciatic nerve and affects predominantly one side ofthe body. Get Sciatica Pain treatment in Gurgaon from Dr. Rajesh Pal a well experienced and professional physiotherapist. The pain associated with sciatica can be unbearable at times and can be treated with proper medication in most of the cases. Although people who face severe sciatica which’s often linked with leg weakness or bladder changes are advised to take surgery. To recover from Sciatica Pain you need to take Physiotherapy Treatment for Sciatica in Gurgaon from PAL Physiotherapy. Sciatica is caused as a result of spinal disc herniation in the majority of cases, also conditions such as spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, piriformis syndrome, pelvic tumors can also lead to sciatica. For the most part, symptoms are detected without the help of medical imaging. Eventhough Sciatica followed by bowel or bladder changes are quite difficult to spot and the symptoms may be long-standing as well.

The patient should consider taking the below tests once the symptoms start showing.

•    X-Ray.

•    CT Scan.

•    MRI Scan.

•    Electromyography Test.

By analyzing the test reports, doctors could easily conclude the stages of sciatica. It’s most frequently seen in men of age groups between 40 and 60 and is less witnessed in women.


•     Cases associated with disc slips will definitely lead to damaged Sciatica nerve.

•    Stress and strain affecting the spinal cord will generate Sciatica Problem in the body.

•    Sciatic Nerve disoriented during pregnancy will also cause Sciatica Pain.

•   The nerve can also be compressed bya tumoror damaged by conditions such as diabetes.

Symptoms Observed:


Foot function becomes completely lethargic in the inactive stage and the person faces problems in raising the foot to take even a step forward.


Eventually, the muscle functions become slow because of weakness.

Affected Areas:

Mostly, Muscles, Spine, Hip, Lower leg, Backside, Buttock, Thighs get affected in sciatica patients.


At first, a pain in the spinal cord will generate, and as the body gets tired, the pain radiates to the lower part of the cord.


Overweight ultimately leading to obesity is a major cause for Spinal cord damage in the body and the risk leads to sciatica Pain.

Stress and heavy work Load:

As a part of the professional career, people may bear heavy loads ordrive motor vehicles for a long time. All these occasions lead to Sciatica Pain in the body.

Once, Sciatica Pain is discovered, it is very hard to eliminate the problem fully.


Regular Warm Up:

Exercises offer ahealthy body which in turn leads to active sciatica nerves. It’s highly suggested to workout daily to reduce the risk of affecting it.

Proper Sitting Tools:

Always choose the right sitting supports to give rest to the Spinal Cord. Maintain a normal curve, while sitting on a chair.

Avoid Twisting:

Humans should avoid twisting and lifting heavy loads as much as you can since it will strongly lead to Sciatica Problems.

Treatment for Sciatica Pain in Gurgaon:

Usually, People of age groups 40 to 60 plus are facing sciatica problems and it also occurs in children of 3 to 18 years and greatly depends on their immunity and capability.

Many treatment options are presently available for Sciatica such as

•    Physiotherapy.

•    Surgery.

•    Steroid Injections.

•    Home remedies.

From all these treatment methods, the most recommended one for a better recovery is undoubtedly physiotherapy.


The best relief for along time period is possible only through Physiotherapy treatment for Sciatica in Gurgaon patients. No side effects and no risk is encountered while taking physiotherapy treatment. The body will slowly get relieved from the pain and will gradually regain perfect health. Consult a specialized doctor, and follow the instructions properly.

Physical therapy exercises consist of a combination of strengthening; stretching as well as aerobic exercises are a major component of any sciatica treatment schedule. When patients engage themselves in this program of exercises, chances are more for them to recover completely from the pain.

  • Strengthening exercises

Theseexercises help to strengthen the spinal column and support muscles, ligaments and tendons. Most of them concentrate not only on the lower back, they also strengthen abdominal muscles, gluteus, as well as hip muscles.

  • Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises are often advised to alleviate the pain caused by sciatica. Hamstring stretching which includes stretching muscles from the pelvis to knee should be included in daily activities. Bird Dog Move which is another suggested stretch which has been found helpful during its treatment.

  • Aerobic exercise

Low-impact cardiovascular exercises like walking, swimming, jogging can be incorporated into this set of techniques. Aerobic activities provide a great benefit of releasing endorphins thereby reducing the pain.                                           

Sciatica is observed as a result of building pressure on the sciatic nerve, hence its treatment should involve activities to eradicate this pressure. Through physiotherapy regime, efficient exercises are introduced to release this pressure and provide lifelong relief from pain. If you suffer from sciatica, the best thing to do is not to delay. The best results are achieved when treated at the early stages of its inception. Call at 9811343417 and book your appointment for Sciatica Pain treatment in Gurgaon.  

Dr. Rajesh Pal - A Name You Can Trust For Physiotherapy in Gurgaon

For anyone looking for competent physiotherapy in Gurgaon, ‘Pal Physiotherapy’ run and established by Dr. Rajesh Pal can be a decent option. Dr. Rajesh Pal is undoubtedly the best Physiotherapist in Gurgaon thanks to his decade-long experience in the field and a never-say-die attitude and dedication to the job. Dr. Pal combines tremendous sensitivity with tact and patience to understand a patient’s condition and contribute to their well being. His dedication and sincere efforts have helped him establish an impeccable track record in providing high-quality treatment to patients by incorporating superior clinical excellence.


He holds Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) & Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) with specialization in Orthopedics, Postgraduate Diploma in Ergonomics, MBA in Hospital Management as well as a plethora of certifications and short-term courses dealing with specialized branches of physiotherapy.


His official work experience states more than 17 years of clinical & academic experience in the field of physiotherapy. He has treated numerous patients over the years and has an extensive knowledge of a variety of branches of medicine you like-  Musculoskeletal section, Neurology, Burns, Pediatrics, Skin, Cardiology etc.


Dr. Pal is also a recipient of numerous awards in the field of physiotherapy. He has been conferred with the Medical Excellence award in 2014, Healthcare Excellence Award and the Dr. B. R.Ambedkar Seva Ratna Award in 2012. He has also been rated as the best  Physiotherapist in Gurgaon by Times Now in 2013. Dr. Pal also happens to be a member of the Indian Association of Physiotherapy and the Delhi Council for Physiotherapy and has helped establish the physiotherapy department in a lot of famous hospitals in Gurgaon.


Currently, Dr. Pal along with his team of highly skilled therapists at Pal Physiotherapy is dedicated to providing the best physiotherapy in Gurgaon.  Applying various physical therapy treatments they are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to deliver the best in physiotherapy in Gurgaon.


Initially started with a mission to change the healthcare system for the better, Pal Physiotherapy has gradually grown and evolved into a multidisciplinary model that provides the highest level of patient care. With Pal Physiotherapy, Dr. Pal had a mission to provide the best physical therapy coupled with holistic care for his patients. Their unique integrated health and wellness model puts their clinic at the forefront of the industry. In his own words, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”.

You could get in touch with Dr. Pal at his clinics in Sector 41 and Sector 56.  Dial 9811343417 and book your appointment

How To Choose A Best Physiotherapy Clinic In Gurgaon

Rehabilitation is one of the most important factors when it comes to recovery post an injury. There are many factors that need to be taken into account when deciding whom to approach. One of the most important steps to be taken before choosing a rehabilitation centre is to conduct proper research on the subject.  It is important to choose the right therapist and the right facility as per your needs. Although the physiotherapists in a majority of the physiotherapy centres in Gurgaon are well-trained, their practices do vary. Falling into the wrong hands may just aggravate the problem.


It is often said that physical therapy is a balance between science, art, and experience. Each physiotherapist has special areas of interest and additional training in certain techniques. The right treatment involves an understanding between the patient and the physiotherapist for effective recovery. Communication and good rapport go a long way. You need to work together with your physical therapist, communicate openly, and follow their advice. Hence, keeping all the important facts in your mind, it is crucial that you select the best physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon.


You may receive a lot of suggestions and recommendations from your doctor or a friend regarding the best physiotherapy center in Gurgaon, or anywhere else for that matter. But it's up to you to research about it and confirm if their practice meets the areas of expertise required for your condition. Some physiotherapy clinics may focus more on sports medicine specializing in rehabilitation of patients with a wide variety of neurological and sports-related disorders. This could include treating common disorders such as neck and back pain, tendonitis to less common but more complex problems such as arthritis and peripheral neuropathies. 


For patients who are immobile, there is a necessity of providing these facilities at the convenience of your doorstep. One needs to approach a facility using a modern approach to treat various ailments right at home. A popular and competent physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon is Pal Physiotherapy. Established and run by Dr. Rajesh Pal who has decades of experience and numerous credentials to his name, Pal Physiotherapy is undoubtedly the best physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon. The facility is a state of the art establishment when it comes to treatment of Joint pain, Muscle pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder impingement and Neuro Rehabilitation. Thus, in spite of there being a plethora of options when it comes to finding a physiotherapy center in Gurgaon, one needs to consider a number of factors before utilizing the services of one.

What Makes Us the Team of Best Physiotherapists in Gurgaon

‘Pal Physiotherapy’ is a well-known clinic for physiotherapy in Gurgaon who provide quality physiotherapy treatment under best physiotherapist in Gurgaon . Our multidisciplinary clinics located in Sector 41 and Sector 56 offer a mixture of physiotherapy and massage therapy care to help alleviate the symptoms of some major injuries. Making use of the best tools and techniques available, we have been improving over the years and are constantly trying to scale new heights of success.


At Pal Physiotherapy, we have a team of experienced physiotherapists, highly passionate about working together to provide quality care to the patients. Founded by Dr. Rajesh Pal, ‘Pal Physiotherapy’ was started with a mission to look for physiotherapists sharing the same dream and drive to change the healthcare system for the better. Citing his experience and expertise in the field, it would not be an exaggeration if we claim that Dr. Pal is the one of best physiotherapist in Gurgaon. Gradually grown over the years, we have been building a collaborative and multidisciplinary model that would provide the highest level of patient care.


To this day we work under the expert supervision of Dr. Rajesh Pal who has had 17 years of experience in the industry and is undoubtedly, the physiotherapist in Gurgaon. Dissatisfied with the limits that the standard approach to physiotherapy imposed, Dr. Pal aims at offering complementary therapies along with providing holistic care for the patients. The mission to create a holistic approach to treatment was the spark behind our inception. Our unique and integrated health cum wellness model speaks for itself and needs no introduction.


Our health care providers are highly skilled when it comes to the most up to date therapeutic procedures. Offering a multitude of services, our skilled therapists work together to complement your program. While all our sessions are one-to-one with the therapist, we even offer physiotherapy sessions at home for your convenience. We strive to determine the root cause of your injury and quickly set you up on the path for recovery.


Hence, by addressing the foundation of our client’s injury, we speed up the recovery process by utilizing valuable tools for physical wellness and rehabilitation. At Pal Physiotherapy, we not only believe in healing but also in making the entire process as easy and comprehensive as possible. Combining experience with technology, it is not surprising that our team, in fact, consists of the best physiotherapists in Gurgaon.

Though we have two Physiotherapy centers in Gurgaon if you want to book an appointment also at home, you may reach out to us at 9811343417.

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