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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressive neurologic disease that causes injuries to the nerves. Looking for best physiotherapy treatment for multiple sclerosis in Gurgaon within your budget from top physiotherapists then, book your appointment at PAL Physiotherapy just call at 9811343417. 

Serious symptoms that cause damage are often due to the following reasons:

  • Muscle pain
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Vision problems
  • Weakness

In some people, it can be aggressive and advance quickly while in others it can be mild and progress slowly. In all these cases, the physical therapy plays a crucial role in the treatment of people with multiple sclerosis.

How Physiotherapy Can Help ?

Physiotherapy is very effective way of managing the symptoms of this disease. Physiotherapy not only addresses the symptoms being presented but it also addresses the root cause of the disease. The goal of a PAL Physiotherapy is to provide physiotherapy for multiple sclerosis in Gurgaon is to reduce the severity slow down the disease’s progression rate.

The significance of Physiotherapy -

  • The strengthening of the muscles and improving the gait along with maintenance of the balance and coordination is achieved by the physical therapy.
  • The activities that involve stretching further helps in maintaining mobility and preventing the muscle spasms.
  • These activities also include training on how to use various mobility aids like a cane, walker, or wheelchair.
  • Various tasks for the enhancing movement are used to keep muscles strong.
  • Range-of-motion exercises such as the straightening and bending your arms and legs
  • Tips for preventing falls

The physical therapist helps the patient to come to terms with the various changes which will occur as the disease progresses. With the help of physiotherapy, the patient can prepare for these changes and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Physical therapy is designed for the different multiple sclerosis stages. But even at the earliest stage, it can be helpful for:

  • Learning how to support and cope with the various changes of body
  • Avoiding the exacerbating symptoms
  • Developing the strength and stamina
  • Regaining the abilities after a disease relapse


The therapies of physical tasks are important at the time of the diagnosis. The patient is prepared for the baseline evaluation. This allows the therapist to check what conditions the body is capable of, and its comparison with the future abilities. The various physical limitations and levels of exercise and physical activity appropriate for the patient are compiled in this.

At Relapse

The physical therapist guides the patient with how the relapse is or will affect them by conducting a physical exam and comparing it with the baseline evaluation. After a relapse, the continuation of the physical therapy is recommended. These therapies after a relapse help in regaining some of the strength which might have been lost during the relapse.

For Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

If the patient is diagnosed with primary progressive MS, it’s crucial for their health and well-being to start physical therapies. This helps them compensate for the changes they might experience.

For Advanced Multiple Sclerosis

The people with advanced MS can still benefit from physiotherapy. For instance, it can help them to sit properly .develop upper body strength, and maintain the ability to use mobility aids. You need to hire well experienced and professional physiotherapist for multiple sclerosis in Gurgaon. 

Physical Therapy Assessment of Functioning:

For maintaining posture, trunk control, balance, and transfers 

  • Seated and standing posture
  • Static and dynamic balance
  • The ability to transfer from bed, chair, toilet, car, and floor

Ambulation and Mobility

  • Activities which keep in consideration the  factors including vision, sensation, deficits in balance, spasticity, weakness, shoe wear
  • Tasks for accomplishing the goal of normalizing the gait pattern (especially for ambulatory individuals)
  • Familiarity with the assessed need for ambulatory aids

Motor Function

  • The major focus on strength in extremities such as legs, arms, and trunk, with major emphasis on function

Neurologic Function

  • Checking the problems including abnormal tone, tremors, clonus sensory deficits, and pain

Locations For Physical Therapies For Multiple Sclerosis

The physical therapy can be performed in various locations such as:

  • At Home
  • An outpatient facility
  • A Multiple sclerosis treatment centers

Inpatient Physical Therapy

In this kind of treatment, the therapies take place while the patient is in the healthcare facility. Often conducted in a hospital, or a multiple sclerosis physiotherapy center in Gurgaon, or long-term care facility

Outpatient Physical Therapy

Outpatient care is conducted in a doctor's office, physical therapy office, or at the therapy center. People who undergo the outpatient physical therapy visit these locations and leave afterward. It serves as a good choice for people who are recuperating from a relapse or learning how to handle the physical changes caused by multiple sclerosis.

Home care

Under this option, the patient is aided with the physiotherapy at home for multiple sclerosis in Gurgaon. With this, the physical therapist makes a visit to the home to make the patient take tasks and activities that can improve the existing conditions. It is not fixed for any particular stage of multiple sclerosis.

In most cases, this kind of therapy has proven to be beneficial for people especially the one who have diagnosed with multiple sclerosis recently. The impact of home comfort is another therapy in itself. Home care is also good for people who have late-stage multiple sclerosis and are non-ambulatory. The treatment makes the patient learn the dealing with the slight changes caused in their physical abilities.

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