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Manual Therapy in Gurgaon

Manual therapy is a specialized branch of Physiotherapy wherein assessment and manual therapy treatment of ailment is carried out manually by the Physiotherapist. It is application of accurately determined and specifically directed manual force to the body in order to improve mobility in area that are restricted as in joint, connective tissue or skeletal muscle.

Manual Therapy approaches healing from both; a structural perspective and functional methodology. PAL Physiotherapy provides best manual therapy treatment in Gurgaon under professional therapist. This means Manual Therapy addresses pain, dysfunction, disease and disabilities by seeking the cause of these challenges. Potential for function can remerge only after determining the causes and their treatment.

Manual Therapy introduces new concept to the body giving the opportunity to heal itself. It adds, “Life to years” as opposed to. “Years to life”. In manual therapy, we stick to the notion that positive environment plus positive attitude and equally positive result.

At Pal Physiotherapy you get the best and effective treatment of manual therapy in Gurgaon which consists of manipulations and mobilizations via various accessory glides of different skeletal joints through the hands of a skilled Physiotherapist in the form of single controlled High velocity thrusts beyond the physiological range but within anatomical range or Small amplitude accessory glides within physiological range.

The main purpose of this intervention is to reduce skeletal soft tissue pain, increase range of motion of Hypo -mobile joint, to realign the altered biomechanical or faulty posture with a safe and logical approach.

We believe that human touch is considered crucial in speeding patient’s healing and it is an essential ingredient to our evaluation, care plans and rehabilitation protocol.

  • Maitland’s mobilization technique:It involves the application of passive and accessory oscillatory movements to spinal and vertebral joints to treat pain and stiffness of a mechanical nature. The techniques aim to restore motions of spin, glide, and roll between joint surfaces and are graded accordingly to their amplitude.
  • Mc. Kenzie’s approach: The goal of McKenzie therapy is to centralize the pain, or move the pain from the leg into the low back, as low back pain is generally better tolerated than leg pain.
  • Brian Mulligan's: Concept of mobilizations with movement (MWMS) in the extremities and sustained natural apophyseal glides (SNAGS) in the spine. This is done with the concurrent application of both therapist-applied accessory and patient generated active physiological movements.
  • High velocity thrust technique: High velocity low amplitude thrust technique (HVLAT) is a frequently used technique for the relief of spinal restriction and local somatic dysfunction. While this has generally been in order to achieve a local somatic correction and it is known to evoke a visceral response.
  • Muscle energy technique: This technique aims at relaxing muscle spasms. When applied directly Muscle Energy Technique is based on the principle of reciprocal inhibition and, on post-contraction relaxation when applied indirectly.
  • Myofascial release technique: It is used for different manual therapy techniques, including soft tissue manipulation work such as connective tissue massage, soft tissue mobilization, foam rolling, structural integration, and strain-counterstrain techniques. However, in current medical terminology, myofascial release refers mainly to the soft tissue manipulation techniques and is used to treat myofascial trigger points.
  • Lymphatic manipulation technique: This manual procedure is designed to promote circulation of the lymph.

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