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Hemiplegia Treatment in Gurgaon

What is Hemiplegia?

Hemiplegia is a condition in which half of the body is paralyzed and is unable to move. It is also known as hemiparesis and is caused by damage to half of the brain. It is a condition in which muscle of the lower face, arms, and legs on one side of the body are paralyzed. Paralysis can influence your life greatly so it require proper Hemiplegia treatment to be cure . Get relief and proper treatment for Hemiplegia in Gurgaon by taking regular physiotherapy classes from trained physiotherapist.

In this form of paralysis one side of the body is affected and patient experience a significant loss of strength and mobility. Hemiplegia can occur suddenly or else develop over time Hemiplegia is a temporary condition for many people, but others may also struggle with this condition the rest of their life. Paralysis can greatly affect your life. So there must be proper treatment provided to restore the movement and flexibility of the affected part. A person will usually develop left side hemiplegia if he/she sustains an injury to the right side of the brain. On the other hand, right side hemiplegia is the result of the left side of injury in the brain.

 There are mainly two types of hemiplegia they are:

Congenital hemiplegia- it is present from birth and happens very shortly.

Acquired hemiplegia- it occurs due to brain damage because of injury or illness.

Causes of Hemiplegia

The primary cause of hemiplegia is stroke which damages the corticospinal tract in half part of the brain. The main cause of this problem resides mainly in the brain as it stops to send, produce or interpret signals owing to trauma or disease. Several common causes of Hemiplegia include:

  • Strokes known as TIA and mini strokes
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Infections specifically meningitis and encephalitis
  • Some conditions which cause demyelination of brain which include few autoimmune diseases and multiple sclerosis.
  • Some reaction to surgery, anesthesia or medication
  • Loss of oxygen to the brain
  • Brain cancers
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Lesions in brain
  • Some rare psychological causes like people suffering from parasomnia, i.e., a sleep disorder

Symptoms of Hemiplegia

Symptoms of hemiplegia depend entirely on the part of the brain which is affected and also on the severity and can vary from person to person:

  • Problem in balancing
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Vision trouble
  • Speech becomes very difficult
  • Loss of sensation or numbness
  • Unable to perform tasks like tying laces, dressing, holding objects
  • Depression
  • Poor memory

Diagnosis of Hemiplegia

To diagnose Hemiplegia doctors may need few procedures to be done to know the exact cause .doctor perform a neurological examination to assess the extent of the invasion. In some situations, the diagnosis is not obvious, so doctors also need some specific test to be done.

Blood count test- it is done to know the number of platelets including red and white cells in the blood.

Clinical evaluation or physical examination- it is done to test muscle strength along with sensation.

Blood test- some blood test are advised by the doctor which includes CBC, i.e., complete blood count, Hb, i.e., hemoglobin level, ESR, i.e., erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

Cranial CT or Computed Tomography Scan- it will include detailed imaging process which includes X-Ray to allow the study of the brain from many angles.

Cranial MRI- it is a highly sensitive process that uses electromagnetic properties and provides detail study of structures. This test will exactly identify the abnormalities in the brain.

EEG- it is done to measure the nerve activity in brain and abnormality in the brain can be easily detected by EEG changing patterns.

Treatment of Hemiplegia

The best option to treat hemiplegia is physiotherapy as it will help to increase strength and movement on the affected side. It should be started as soon a possible to allow the recovery specific deficiencies and to prevent complications. Physiotherapy is a very effective treatment to get a better outcome for hemiplegia patient.  Treatment will vary as per the level of weakness of the patient.

Hemiplegia Treatment in Gurgaon will include -

  • Exercises to facilitate normal patterns of movement
  • Exercises to improve muscle strength
  • Exercises to augment balance and coordination
  • Connection with the patient’s family to assist with day to day activities.
  • Treatments to work on improving muscle strength

Preventive Measures

There are many ways to prevent hemiplegia by making your heart and blood vessels healthy. A healthy lifestyle plays a significant part in decreasing the risk of stroke or hemiplegia.

  • Losing weight
  • Stop smoking and commit to sticking with it
  • Eating a balanced diet is must include fruit, vegetables, peas, fish.
  • Moderation alcohol intake and limit it to one drink a day
  • Regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight
  • Control on diabetes, High BP, and high cholesterol
  • Be physically active and try water exercises, dancing, and aerobics
  • Decrease the stress level by indulging yourself in many activities.
  • Have regular and timely medical check-ups

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