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Dry needling is an advanced medical technique that aims at treating myofascial pain. In this technique, a dry needle is inserted in some specific muscle areas of the skin. These specific muscle areas are called trigger points and the technique is also known as ‘trigger point dry needling’, and ‘intramuscular manual therapy’. Dry needling is different from acupuncture.

At our clinic for Dry Needling therapy in Gurgaon, we provide excellent treatment practices and quality care in a friendly, professional and safe environment. We have one of the best Dry needling physiotherapists in Gurgaon, Dr Rajesh Pal who has been professionally trained in South Africa and Ireland. Dr Rajesh Pal is committed to performing a comprehensive evaluation and creating a specialized treatment plan for each and every patient in a very safe manner.

We provide the best Dry Needling in Gurgaon and ensure the best treatment with latest diagnosis techniques such as ASTYM, Spinal Manipulation, TMR, PRRT and Dry Point Needling.

Our team of best Dry Needling Physiotherapists in Gurgaon excels in restoring motion in and around the back which most people often ignore after an acute pain period. Our therapists also ensure that the problem does not return by providing regular exercise schedules.

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