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PAL Physiotherapy
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Your role as Patient

At PAL physiotherapy, We appreciate the fact that you realize your role as a responsible patient. As therapists, our ultimate objective is to provide you with a treatment that not only relieves your pain but also satiates you. Nothing would give us more pleasure than seeing you leave our clinic with a smile. And dear patient, believe us when we say pain relief is a mutual responsibility, With due respect, your keeping in consideration the following points would make the process of pain management a fulfilling one.

  • Keep faith in your doctor – “Faith can move mountains” and when you come at PAL Physiotherapy we take extreme care to provide you with an absolutely genuine treatment. Your faith in us will help us serve you better.
  • Believe in yourself – your will power and self-confidence can work wonders. NEVER LET IT GO.
  • In our clinics, we provide you with a friendly and a relaxing ambience and we expect you to maintain the same for others.
  • The word ‘PATIENT’ itself implies to ‘BE PATIENT’.
  • As we said earlier, pain relief is a mutual responsibility. So we expect you to do all your exercises sincerely as a part of home management.
  • We are concerned for you and therefore we would appreciate if you would report to us immediately, just in case any of the accidental movement at home causes you inconvenience.
  • Punctuality is the key to progression and success. We would really like it if you could arrive for appointments promptly. If unable to do so, because of any genuine reason, kindly inform beforehand.
  • For your convenience and our records, we provide you with a registration card, which gives you an identity of being an exclusive patient. It will be kind of you to bring it along for every treatment session.
  • It would be obligatory if you inform us, just in case you are taking simultaneous treatment under some other doctor.
  • It is very important for you to realize that no two patients are alike and we would really respect it if you do not compare your treatment and relief with other patients and follow only what your doctor instructs.
  • There are certain important conditions, which need to be informed to the doctor prior to the treatment.

So kindly, let us know if:

  • You are Pregnant.
  • Having menstrual periods.
  • Have a metal implant.
  • Cardiac pacemaker.
  • Suffering from fever.
  • Suffering from High blood pressure.

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  • Helpline: +91 9811 3434 17

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