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Treating patients need more than knowledge of medicine, right motivation, good approach and passion to cure patients and make them feel good.

Mr. Murli

Extremely professional and a true master in his Subject .

Mr. Sanjay Mahajan

The best part is the relationship building that Dr. Pal does with his patients, it helps a lot in patients recovery.

Mr. Hemant

Dr. Rajesh pal diagnoses the problem very well and gives right line of treatments.

Mr. Robin

Dr. Rajesh pal is best physiotherapist, he is very caring and helpful, his treatment is very effective.

Mrs Priyanka priyadarshini

Dr. Rajesh Pal, head of physiotherapy is a very capable person both as a doctor as well as human. He has deep understanding of his subject. Myself & my wife have been coming to him for physiotherapy, we found his understanding about problem, the treatment given is very good , effective, the result are very satisfactory.

S. Majithia

Dr. Rajesh takes pride in making sure the patients feel good & gives the confidence that we are in the right hands. He is supported a good clinic in Apollo, with required tools/gadgets and assistant doctors to help patients to relieve them of the ailments.

He is a self motivated doctor & his passion to treat the patients as well his motivation can be seen & quite evident in his attitude and face as you start the consulting process, followed by his treatment strategies.

If the analysis is such that physiotherapy is not the one patient should continue to relieve patient of the ailment,, Dr. Rajesh wastes no time & he is smart and polite at the same time quick to point out the next course of action, even it is, to suggests the right approach required by changing to a different type of treatment & recommends the right medical expert to see next.

Treating certain acute ailments sure exudes pain to patients, but, Dr. Rajesh has the knack of treating he patients and making them feel at ease. Even in painful physical condition of the patients, Dr. Rajesh takes care of administering right kind of healing techniques, not just using the physio therapy tools that are appropriate, but also with his healing touch & apt remarks. One of his famous healing words is ‘No Pain means, No Gain’. You can feel gains in your physical health, as patient feels relieved of pain through the right treatment, application of good strategies.

Dr. Rajesh is a self motivated doctor! It is quite an art, to ease the pain of the patients, when treating them through the physio- exercises administered for treatment of ailments.

Dr. Rajesh , is very knowledgeable in his subject ; both theory & practice, not only that and in knowing the condition of his subjects ‘the patients’ . He applies the right analyzing techniques, to determine the cause of the ailments and the right way & approach to start the treatment.

Dr. Pal is an excellent doctor he has treated me with excellent results. I strongly recommend him to everyone who need Physiotherapy-care.

Mrs. Neetu Kumar

Dr Rajesh Pal is very good, gentle and has in depth understanding of his field. He makes the patients feel comfortable by explaining about their problems in detail.

Mr S. P. Ahuja

Treating patients need more than knowledge of medicine, right motivation, good approach and passion to cure patients and make them feel good.

Mr. Murli

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